St Michael’s House, Raheny

The History

Unable to secure schooling for her son, Patricia Farrell, the mother of a young boy with Down Syndrome placed an ad in the Irish Times in 1955 “Association for parents of mentally backward children. Lady wishing to form above would like to contact anyone interested. Box Z5061 Children”

From this grew St Michael’s House, an organisation which set out to develop new community services and bring about a change in how people with intellectual disability were viewed. Today St Michael’s House provide services for 1,663 people with an intellectual disability and their families in the Greater Dublin area and Navan Co. Meath. For the past 57 years, St Michael’s House has been a leader in the development and provision of community based services for people with intellectual disability in Ireland.

Service users, parents and families are at the heart of how services are planned and delivered. The organisation as a voluntary body is governed by a board of directors, many of whom are parents of a service user. St Michael’s House is committed to offering services and support that reflects the individual needs and choices of service users, support individuals to make a valued contribution and become active members of their community, advocate for improvement and development of services.

The Project

New two-storey, 8 room special national school for St. Michael’s House (SMH) to replace the existing facility. The project involves the demolition of an existing school building and boiler house.

The new facility has been specifically designed to meet the requirements and educational needs of pupils with an intellectual disability, fully wheelchair accessible, purpose built rooms, center adjacent. The works also involve the construction of a realigned entrance road to respite houses and the school. The existing play equipment is to be dismantled, refurbished and reinstalled on the existing bases with a new poured rubber surface.

Mechanical infrastructure.

Any building – however innovative its layout and design may be – is only as good as the electrical and mechanical infrastructure that is fitted throughout. For St Michael’s House, JSA Architects turned to Versatile to provide the heating solution, which was Jaga radiators with continuous casings for efficient heating. Jaga Maxi LST radiator was selected due to its excellent value, efficient performance & compliance to the highest safety requirements for special needs areas.

Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiator solution.

As it is a fully compliant Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiator, Jaga Maxi radiator casing remains cool to touch even with the highest water temperatures and hence remains safe to touch – eliminating the possibility of burns as well as the deterioration of furniture or electronic appliances. The units comply with all HSE guidelines and are DHSS DN4 Compliant. The casing features a soft design with rounded angles to avoid accidental injury, a scratch resistant surface coating with a satin gloss finish with high UV Resistance. The Maxi itself is extremely durable, with solid galvanized metal casing and dirt-repellent lacquer.

The Maxi radiator features Jaga’s revolutionary Low-H2O heat exchanger manufactured of pure copper and aluminium totally non corrosive and uses 90% less water than conventional steel panel radiators, allowing JSA Architects to offer the client the benefit of lower energy bills and faster heating reaction times.

All Jaga Maxi Low-H2O radiators generate more heat output but use less energy. The heart of every Low-H2O radiator is the ultra-fast, state of the art heat exchanger, made of ultra light super conducting materials. That’s why Jaga Low-H2O Radiators are the fastest responding and easiest to control radiators, maximising heat output and reducing energy consumption up to 15% depending on weather conditions.

Saving Energy …Gaining Warmth and comfort.

  • Project – St Michaels House Raheny
  • Consultant Engineers – Clarke & Associates
  • Architects – JSA Architects Blackrock
  • Builders – JSL – Stewarts
  • Contractor – Midland Heating & Plumbing
  • The Heating Solution – Jaga Maxi LST radiators

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