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Jaga Oxygen

• Low energy consumption
• CO2 monitoring and filtering
• High-powered heating
• Clean, fresh air on demand
• Free night-cooling

Jaga’s oxygen system is a low-energy revolution for interior heating and ventilation. The oxygen’s discreet fan units bring fresh, filtered air from outside to cool and refresh the interior, while Jaga’s powerful Low-H2O radiators heat when required. Even CO2 levels are constantly monitored, making oXygen the last word in energy-efficient heating and ventilation. Jaga’s oXygen system can be built in to any Jaga Low-H2O radiator.

The best option for schools
During the hot summer months when classroom conditions can become particularly uncomfortable for both pupils and staff, schools can take advantage of oXygen’s free night time cooling feature. This is an effective alternative to expensive and energy-intensive air conditioning systems and meets the requirements of the UK Building Bulletin 101 “Ventilation in School Buildings. More information about the oxygen system Click here

Oxygen systems can be incorporated into all JAGA low H2O wall mounted products.

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Oxygen school case study