Heat Recovery Benefits

Heat recovery benefits for your home & health.


So what are the heat recovery benefits? Fresh Air promotes well-being, healthy sleep, concentration and productivity. Draught-free air helps prevent colds and is good for your health. Thanks to optional fine filters, which capture fine dust and pollen, even allergy suffers can breathe easily. An enthalpy exchanger for humidity recovery prevents the air getting too dry in winter.

  • Optimum oxygen and draught – free air supply promote your well being
  • CO2 content below max. 1000ppm (Pettenkofer method)
  • Hypoallergenic and reduces respiratory disorders. Prevents outdoor pollutants entering rooms thanks to fine filters and extraction of indoor pollutants
  • Prevents mildew formation
  • Insects are not able to get in from outside

Energy Savings

The prescribed air-tight building envelope only really makes sense – and is not worth its while – in conjunction with Zehnder Comfosystems. Given continuously increasing energy costs, real cash can be saved thanks to up to 96% heat recovery and the utilisation of renewable energy.

  • Energy savings of up to 50%
  • Heat recovery of up to 96% from extract air
  • Use of renewable energies for heating, cooling and hot air production


Your home enjoys a permanent supply of fresh, clean air; simultaneously, moist air, kitchen odours or tobacco smoke are automatically vented to atmosphere. And Zehnder Comfosystems is child’s play to operate – just enjoy the pleasant indoor climate.

  • Permanent supply of fresh , clean air
  • A steady exchange of moist air, kitchen odours, tobacco smoke and VOC (volatile organic compound) for fresh air
  • Optional pre-tempered air in winter and summer
  • Operation in child’s play
  • No more time needs to be spent on airing rooms manually by opening windows
  • Protection against outside noise and increased protection against burglary

Retention of Value

For home owners, Comfosystems is an investment that pays. Mildew formation caused by a lack of ventilation is prevented by reducing excessive humidity. Zehnder Comfosystems make a vital contribution, to retaining and increasing the value of your property: With a modern, balanced supply and extract air system with heat recovery the property is upgraded to tomorrow’s standards, today.

  • Protection against mildew
  • Protection of the building against moisture damage caused by a lack of ventilation
  • Comfort ventilation systems meet the requirements of future building standards (energy performance certificate)


County house? Or Bauhaus style? Zehnder Comfosystems suits any style of home. The only visible components are the supply and extract air ducts, and they are hidden discreetly by designer grills.

  • Designer grills discreetly conceal the outlets for supply air and extract air
  • Suits any style
  • Various wall, ceiling and floor outlets

Check out Versatile’s heat recovery & ventilation solutions and if you would like to discuss how heat recovery may be an option for you, please call our expert team at +353(0)46.902.9444 or email sales@versatile.ie.

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