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ComfoFond Geothermal Heat Exchanger

The Zehnder ComfoFond Geothermal Heat Exchanger is an earth heat exchanger system which uses the slow-changing temperature of the earth in 1.5-2.0m depth. During the winter the earth has an approx. temperature of 8°c and this warms the air before it even reaches the ventilation systems. In the summer the earth temperature rises to approx. 12°c and the principle works in reverse.

The earth heat exchanger packet ComfoFond includes matched components for simple installation:

  • Cleanable pipes with smooth inside, made of plastic (HDPE) with large heat-exchanging surface due to an outside profile
  • Wall bushing that is simple to install
  • Collection box with condensate drain
  • Whole system radon-tight

The brine earth heat exchanger Zehnder ComfoFond-L was specifically designed for building on a small piece of land, buildings with cellars exposed to pressurised water or buildings without cellars. The ComfoFond-L takes up the environmental energy (heat or coolth) through a PE pipe filled with brine, which is pumped to a water-air heat exchanger. The controls required for this purpose are integrated in several devices. The heat exchanger transfers the heat or coolth to the incoming external air before it enters the ventilation system. The PE pipe is installed in 1.5 m depth, e.g. in the building pit or in the area of the house connections.


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