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Overdoor Air Curtains

Energy Efficient Overdoor Air Curtains

Versatile over door air curtains have a heating solution for all sectors including industrial, social, community and healthcare. Highly energy efficient over door heating, aesthetically pleasing design and capable of running at low water temperatures. Available in both electric and LPHW (low pressure hot water). Available in a large range of colour finishes and stainless steel.

Fully recessed Air Curtain Available in LPHW & Electric Models. From a very slim depth of 260mm and 600mm width.
Is a pleasing Circular design available in Horizontal or vertical versions in LPHW & Electric Models. Available in stainless steel.
LPHW cased air curtain with double jet air flow. All Ral colours available.
Cased Model in LPHW & Electric. Free hanging cased model available in a range of Ral colours and stainless steel.
Industrial air curtain, effective up to a height of 5m. Possible to be mounted horizontally or vertically and ideal as a warehouse heating solution. Cased Model Available in LPHW Model
Designer Air Curtain with optimised jet flow nozzle and EMC fans. Standard colour is Ral 9006 white aluminum.
This model of air curtain blows warm air downwards to the front of the opening of the revolving door. This warm air stream is heating the inside air down to the bottom and shields it from cold outside air.
Vertical free standing air curtain for revolving doors. Available in a large range of finishes and stainless steel.