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LSA Nouveauline

Nouveauline designer air curtain is built with self supporting sheet steel, with concealed fixing knock on corners for an elegant looking finish. The standard modern colour is a white aluminium (RAL 9006), other RAL colours are available on request. Access door for maintenance opens together with the intake grille downwards. Outlet grille with 5 steps adjustable aluminium vane (anodized) for optimal air distribution. Inlet grilles made of 3D perforated plate for filterless and easy to maintain operation. Vibration free bedded centrifugal fans with external thermostat relays for motor protection. Threaded hole M8 for ceiling mounting. Jetflow nozzle multiple adjustable, for a low noise development - better protection of the air flow in certain situations, continuously adjustable exhaust angle and exhaust opening.

Vibration-free bedded EMC radial fans, separately powered, with motor overload protection unit. Threaded hole M8 for ceiling mounting.

The electronic 5-level standard control panel Tronic EC with serially fitted manual/auto function, summer/winter function and contacts for additional external signallers. It is possible to shunt up to 12 devices. The electronic standard control panel Tronic E form electrical heating feature s a contact for connection a room thermostat to it. 5 fan speeds output, 3-level heater performance. Multiple control is not possible.

Designer Air Curtain with optimised jet flow nozzle and EMC fans. Standard colour is Ral 9006 white aluminum.

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