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Zehnder Carboline

The Zehnder Carboline is suitable for all commercial applications particularly hospital projects.

Ideal for:

  • 600mm grid ceiling
  • Small panels with low flow rates
  • Where hygiene is of the upmost importance
  • When a quick response to Building Maintenance Sytems is required
  • Combined heating and cooling


  • Clean, smooth metal cassette
  • Acoustic absorption options
  • High-tech patented carbon/copper element
  • Anti-bacterial paint finish RAL 9016 or 9010
  • A-rated fire protection insulation
  • Models available for both open and closed ceilings as well as plasterboard ceiling solutions.

The Zehnder Carboline is a smooth, flat and lightweight panel designed for both heating and cooling, constructed from steel sheeting and a patented graphite and copper insert

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