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Zehnder ComfoAir 550

The choice for large residential and small commercial projects or schools, the CA 550 has a maximum capacity of 325 cfm. The CA 550 has all the features of our smaller capacity units, including ECM motors for energy efficiency and ease of balancing, summer by-pass cooling, frost protection mode, and optional resistance pre-heater and ERV option. Additional options and accessories also available. The CA 550 is a Certified Passive House Component.

  • Comfort ventilation for dutys up to 550 m³/h
  • Heat recovery with an efficiency of up to 95%
  • Moisture recovery with the Zehnder enthalpy exchanger (optional)
  • Low power consumption thanks to EC direct current motors
  • Automatic 100% summer bypass
  • Infinitely variable frost protection function: efficient even at low temperatures
  • Integrated preheater (optional)
  • Integrated controller for brine geothermal heat exchanger
  • Wireless remote control available
  • Digital Ease or Luxe control unit
  • With weekly timer as standard
  • Passivhaus Institut accredited

passive house certified

Low power consumption thanks to EC direct current motors

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