Heat Recovery Ventilation

As Ireland’s leading supplier of heating, cooling & ventilation solutions, our revolutionary and exclusive whole house energy-efficient heat recovery ventilation technology can recover up to 96% of the heat in your home.

We provide the world’s leading energy-efficient products, backed by Passive House certification.

The experienced Versatile team is a reliable partner to specifiers, installers and companies across the construction industry as well as to homeowners across the country.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Benefits

  • Higher comfort levels: your home will have a constant supply of fresh air with higher comfort levels
  • Improved Air Quality: overall air quality within the house is significantly increased which is of benefit to all occupants especially Asthma & hay fever sufferers
  • Reduced condensation
  • No fungal growth in bathrooms
  • Fresh smelling bathrooms (air is constantly being changed no need for air freshener)
  • Less dust (windows are kept closed and all air into house is filtered)
  • Extra security (windows closed no need to part guard alarm)
  • Quieter house, less exterior noise as windows are kept closed
  • Wake up feeling refreshed instead of groggy due to lack of oxygen

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If you would like to discuss how heat recovery may be an option for you, please call our expert team at +353(0)46.902.9444 or email sales@versatile.ie 

Customer Testimonials

"Versatile had a fantastic range of brands and products and were able to source everything needed for our new build house project."
Claire & Eddie, Summerhill, Co. Meath
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"Excellent service & advice. Very happy with my finished bathroom, top class bathroom fittings and tiling!"
Monica, July 2018
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"We recommend Versatile to look after our client’s bathroom refurbishments and renovations. They offer a complete one stop shop service including design, product supply, project man"
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