The choice of the most suitable ducting is important in order to:

  • optimise the efficiency of a system.
  • to ensure the system is as quiet as possible
  • to ensure the system is hygienic
  • to ensure easy installation

Our premium quality assured ducting ranges are designed to make installation and building regulation compliance easier.  The ducting improves performance and most importantly have been designed with long-term effectiveness and maintenance in mind.


  • Improved Hygiene
    Zehnder ComfoFresh ducting and accessories have a smooth interior surface which prevent potential contaminants from being collected and make the inner surface of the duct easy to clean with our specially designed too.
  • Improved Performance
    Unlike conventional systems, ComfoFresh systems feature a manifold fitted directly after the ventilation device.  The manifold has a dedicated duct run to each room requiring extract or supply ventilation. By utilising ComfoFresh ventilation components in the suggested configuration, both the installer and the end user can be confident that they are achieving the specified performance of the scheme.
  • Improved Installation Time
    Available in 20 and 50 metre rolls, the semi-rigid ducting can easily be used for longer duct runs and can easily be curved over and under obstacles such as joists and pipes.  This ability to deviate from a straight run coupled to the fact that installers do not need to make lots of joints, means that significant amounts of time and money can be saved.

Customer Testimonials

"Excellent service & advice. Very happy with my finished bathroom, top class bathroom fittings and tiling!"
Monica, July 2018
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"We recommend Versatile to look after our client’s bathroom refurbishments and renovations. They offer a complete one stop shop service including design, product supply, project man"
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"Versatile had a fantastic range of brands and products and were able to source everything needed for our new build house project."
Claire & Eddie, Summerhill, Co. Meath
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