Low Energy Radiators

Low water content radiators

Versatile’s range of Jaga Low-H2O radiators are low-mass, low-water content products, using only a tenth of the water and weight of that required by standard steel panel radiators. This means faster response, better comfort and lower fuel bills. This range of low energy radiators provide up to 15% energy saving over standard steel panel radiators due to their low water content.

Low Energy Radiators | Low-H2O technology

Jaga’s Low-H2O technology represents the most efficient and modern fin tube element, that complies with present and future building codes and energy efficient technologies. Buildings fitted with Low-H2O fin tube elements produce far lower CO2 emissions and consume less energy. This means less pollution and helps building designers and constructors meet carbon reduction targets.

Jaga Low H2O radiators have been independently certified by KIWA in the Netherlands as the most economical in the world, with incredible energy savings of up to 15% compared to standard steel-panel radiators. But why are Low-H2O radiators so much more economical? Because they react much faster when warmth is needed. The Low-H2O radiator has no heavy steel plates to be heated, instead Low-H2O heat exchangers are constructed from super-thin, ultra-light sheets of aluminium and copper (55 fins per foot of heat exchanger). This means you feel the warmth generated by these radiators faster than any traditional heater.

This range of Low-H2O radiators are ideal for use in conjunction with heat pumps, particularly with DBE (dynamic boost effect) technology.

For further information on these increasingly popular energy-saving radiators, exclusive to Versatile, please contact our expert team at +353(0)46.902.9444 or email sales@versatile.ie.

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