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Designer Radiators

Ireland’s largest collection of designer radiators

Designer radiators from leading European brands such as Zehnder, Jaga and Bisque.

Versatile supply radiators in a variety of finishes including beautiful wooden finishes, stunning sleek granite, a durable concrete shell, stainless steel and environmentally recycled material meeting every architecture’s design needs.

Style, good design and quality are paramount for Versatile and this is plain to be seen in our range of designer radiators. We offer beautiful but practical radiators in many styles, finishes and colours, creating focal points or blending in with your overall design. Available in horizontal and vertical options with bespoke sizes available on certain models upon request.

Some of our designer radiators have incorporated space saving features including towel rails,shelves, curved, pillar cover and corner options, with options available to work with low temperature heating systems. Many of these fabulous radiators emit impressive high outputs to meet their equally impressive design.The Hot Spring by Bisque and the Heatwave by Jaga are perfect examples of award winning design radiators and how a radiator can become a piece of art in your home or office.

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Each Bisque Arteplano radiator is individually etched so every radiator is unique
A sophisticated radiator which combines stylish italians design with energy efficient technology
This designer radiator is a sleek update of an old school favourite
With polished stainless steel grilles, the long, sleek Bisque Convector Radiator provides the ideal heating solution where windows reach almost to the floor.
Outrageously daring or discreetly subtle, the Bisque Decorative Panel Radiator’s glossy good looks provide a practical heating solution for every room.
A sleek and stylish radiator from Bisque.
A contemporary finned radaitor with a crisp elegance in a white or aluminium finish.
The elegant, simple design of the Bisque Flat Panel Radiator squares up to modern and traditional interiors with its practical and unobtrusive style.
This radiator from Bisque designer adds a dramatic twist to modern living.
Bisque Hot Hoop Radiator’s deceptively simple form encircles empty space in a series of sinuous coils, challenging the orthodoxy of traditional forms.
Brilliantly imaginative, the award-winning design of the Bisque Hot Spring Radiator captures a tightly coiled elegance in reflected light.
With its slim profile and graceful curves the Bisque Lissett Radiator is a subtlety elegant radiator that complements contemporary interiors.
The gorgeous Bisque Tetro Radiator, made from recycled material, combines all the benefits of aluminium radiators with beautiful retro styling.
Elegant yet simple, the Bisque Trubi Radiator will complement any interior. The vertical tubes are spaced to give this radiator a light, subtle appearance.
From design to art.
The Jaga Iguana Range is a visually attractive design radiator, with a compact and refined appearance.
Made from real wood – The World’s First Wooden Radiator, casing available in assorted wooden finishes.
A natural heating powerhouse. Freestanding timber design radiator for heat pumps and low flow temperatures.
The stunning heated piece of art designed by Nicole Partas.
Traditional column radiator with a contemporary twist.
Vertiga Kirei - the recycled radiator
Available in a large range of sizes and colours. Previously known as Runtal. Freestanding radiator options available.
Suitable for both traditional and modern applications. Available options as a freestanding radiator.