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The rectangular version of our popular Chime has the same sparkling appeal but with a perpendicular style.
The award-winning Bisque Archibald caters perfectly for the modern home. Its sleek, sinuous form will ensure that your towels are served warm and dry.
Calm and chic, the Bisque Blok towel radiator complements the clean lines of modern bathrooms and kitchens.
The Bisque Chime is a gleaming towel radiator hits all the right notes. Made from highly polished stainless steel, its attractively chunky rails allows for towels to be easily slid on and off.
With a specially designed chrome towel rail, the Bisque Classic towel radiator has been designed to complement the classic look of bathrooms and kitchens.
The Bisque Decorative Panel towel radiator is ideally suited to long, low wall spaces. This stylish model has a long bar.
It’s the considered details which make this the Bisque Delcine stand out from the crowd.
The Bisque Gio may be square but it’s certainly not dull. Made of stainless steel, it has been polished to a dazzlingly superior standard.
The Bisque Hot Hoop’s coiled form provides an exciting alternative to standard towel radiators. Is manufactured from the material used on luxury yachts.
The big sister of the popular Svelte, the Bisque Lissett has the same graceful style but with a larger heat output and more space for towels.
The Bisque Olga is an elegant, stainless steel towel radiator can be installed on the hot water system. The narrower widths are great for small bathrooms.
Made of highly polished stainless steel, the Bisque Orbit will shine in any bathroom or kitchen.
Less is definitely more with the chic stainless steel towel Bisque Pera, as the refined construction allows the tubes to meld gently into one another.
Far from square, the Bisque Quadrato stainless steel towel radiator cuts a dash in the modern bathroom.
Far from square, the Bisque Quadrato stainless steel towel radiator cuts a dash in the modern bathroom. Hidden air vents complete the uncluttered look.
The Bisque Quill is made of highly polished stainless steel its gleaming tubes soar to elegant tips and the looping rail allows plenty of space for towels.
An essential luxury, the Bisque Straight Fronted towel radiator will keep your towels as fresh as a daisy and as dry as a bone.
The Bisque Svelte is prima ballerina of towel radiators – slender, graceful and versatile. Made from aluminium, it has a fast response time.
The graceful embossed pattern on the Bisque Tetro Towel aluminium radiator has been designed to complement traditional bathrooms and kitchens.