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Energy Saving Radiators

Energy Saving Radiators For Your Home

Versatile’s range of low water content radiators that give a 13% energy saving over standard steel panel radiators due to their low water content. Ideal for use in conjunction with heat pumps, especially the DBE (dynamic boost effect) radiators. Jaga provides a specific low surface temperature (LST) radiator. Within the low water content range, Jaga also provides an intelligent radiator that introduces fresh air into the environment based on carbon dioxide levels in that room.

The perfect recessed heating system., they can be inserted into a wall recess or even hidden behind a bath panel.
Made from real wood – The World’s First Wooden Radiator, casing available in assorted wooden finishes.
Mini Size, Max Power. Available in a variety of depths from 90mm to 190mm and widths of 140mm to 420mm.
Minimum dimensions, Maximum warmth starting from 80m high - perimeter heating solution.
LST Safety needn’t be dull introducing the first high impact visual LST on the market from Jaga.
The Jaga Strada is a slim elegant and attractive contemporary low H20 product.
Jaga's intelligent heating and ventilation system, using low water content technology. It is a carbon dioxide demand based decentralised ventilation system.