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Low Surface Temperature Radiators

Low Surface Temperature: Where safety is A Design Requirement

  • True LST characteristics: casing always remains safe to touch and under 43 degrees.
  • Jaga’s Low-H2O technology gives up to 12% energy savings over a normal radiator.
  • Jaga radiators can remain below 43 °C touch temperature. Complies with safety requirements DHSSDN4.
  • Range of covers to suit application.
  • Bespoke solutions available.

The Classic cost effective LST solution with case to the floor. Complies to 43 °C touch temperature and safety requirements DHSSDN4.
The industry standard for safe low surface temperature (LST) heating. Extremely robust casing manufactured from with 1.5mm folded steel.
Tough, low temperature casing and exceptional performance
LST Safety needn’t be dull introducing the first high impact visual LST on the market from Jaga.
The Sentinel LST offers a perfect combination of attractive contemporary design and safe powerful performance.
The new standard cost effective LST solution wall mounted or freestanding options available.
The attractive Jaga Titan is a contemporary looking radiator that not only looks better than traditional steel panel radiators but also has superior performance due to Jaga's Low-H2O technology inside.
The Zehnder modular LST (Low Surface Temperature) radiator brings a safe, attractive heating solution to applications where hot radiant surfaces are undesirable