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Runtal Radiators

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HW87 Runtal Radiator

runtal2Thanks to the varied range of models, the Zehnder HW87 can be integrated into any living space. A robust, anti-ligature, flat panel radiator; it is available as a horizontal or vertical model, with or without fins and in a wide selection of colours.

Product Features/Benefits

  • The Zehnder HW87 is one of the most iconic Runtal radiators
  • The radiator is very robust
  • The HW87 radiator is multi-purpose thanks to the wide range of different connections, fittings and models
  • Closed design due to compact construction.
  • There is no gap between the tubes
  • Special solutions support a wide range of applications
  • Elegantly enabled valve integration on request, which discreetly conceals connection fittings.
  • Works on a single pipe system
  • The pressure drop on the radiator is very low

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