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Jaga's patented Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) works in harmony with the Low H2O heat exchanger to deliver maximum output from much smaller radiators even at very low flow temperatures.
The first energy efficient radiators available in the UK, Low-H2O stands for low mass and low water content. Low-H2O radiators contain only 10% of the water content and 5% of the thermal mass of a steel panel radiator with equivalent output.
LST radiators are recommended for areas where a person may injure themselves if left in contact with a traditional radiator. Generally we offer LST style radiators for use in hospitals, schools, nurseries and homes for the elderly and other high risk areas.
Radiant ceiling panels from Zehnder provide an optimum energy-saving heating system for large indoor spaces such as gymnasiums, sports halls, warehouses, and production and assembly halls.
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