DBE (Dynamic Boost Effect) FAQS

What is DBE?
Jaga’s patented Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) works in harmony with the Low-H2O heat exchanger to deliver maximum output from much smaller radiators even at very low flow temperatures. The microprocessor controlled unit intelligently controls the speed of the incredibly quiet thermal activators to ensure that the correct level of heating is delivered at all times to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature. DBE equipped Jaga radiators warm a room up 9 times faster than a steel panel radiator with a comparable output.

What is the running cost of the DBE fans?
The running cost is extremely low. The Amperage for the different size DBE units are: type 6 is 0.011 amps, type 10 is 0.012 amps & type 15 is 0.009 amps. The power supply draws 0.08 amps from the mains 230V supply.

What is the sound level of the fans?
Calculated Dba running in comfort mode: type 6 & type 15 is 27Dba, type 10 29Dba.

Can the controls be linked together when using multiple radiators?
Yes this is possible. You can run up to six DBA fan units off one power supply.

Can the DBE fans be retrofitted?
Yes, the fans can be fitted at any time. The minimum length of a convector in which a fan can be installed is 600mm.

Can the DBE unit provide cooling?
The standard DBE is not suitable for cooling just heating. We recommend that you also evaluate whether our oXygen ventilation technology might meet your requirements.

What power supply is needed for DBE units?
You will need a standard 3pin 230v-240v plug socket. The power supply (transformer to 12volt) is similar to that of a mobile phone charger in appearance. In most cases the plug socket can be positioned out of sight above the heat exchange within the radiator casing.

Can I use DBE in a bathroom or wet environment?
The 12v DBE is designed so that it can be in a wet area. Please check the regulation for the 240v supply.

The lights keep flashing on my DBE panel control, why is this happening?
Lights flashing indicates that the water temperature in the heat exchanger has not reached the required temperature. If the water temperature is correct and the lights are still flashing, you may need to check that the pipe clips on the printed circuit board are securely fixed to the end curves of the heat exchanger.

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