Low Surface Temperature (LST) Radiators FAQS

When do I need to use a Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiator?
LST radiators are recommended for areas where a person may injure themselves if left in contact with a traditional radiator. Generally we offer LST style radiators for use in hospitals, schools, nurseries and homes for the elderly and other high risk areas where there may be either accidental or prolonged contact with the radiator casing.

Can I have a Jaga LST radiator in a colour other than white?
Jaga LST’s are available in a range of colours, available at a surcharge.

Can I use Jaga Iguana on a 1-pipe system?
We don’t recommend use on a 1-pipe system as the pressure drop through the radiator is higher than the pressure drop through the pipework, therefore the hot water will take the path of least resistance and bypass the radiator.

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