Trench Heating FAQS

What is the maximum possible length of finned tube in “series” on a Trench heater before expansion joints are required?
Jaga produce heat exchangers up to 4.735 Mtrs long, anything longer than this length, we recommend that you plumb in individually. If you wish to link two shorter lengths together we can offer this as a special. We only advise two heat exchangers to be linked together at any one time.

How is a curved trench made?
The Jaga curved Mini Canal trench is manufactured with straight wells & heat exchanges that will be installed underneath the curved grille & frame. The rigid aluminium curved grille & frame are fed through a series of rollers that are set to the correct radius. We cannot offer curved grille in stainless steel however with all other Jaga grilles it is possible to have curved grilles and the minimum radius is 1200mm.

What grilles are available?
We can offer three types of wooden grilles; Oak, Beech & Merbau in natural or varnished. The frame & spacers are dark brown however we can offer natural aluminium frame & spacers which we call the Designo style grille – the slats are closer together. We can also offer rigid aluminium grille in natural, brass, black or dark brown. These grilles can also come as a Designo grille which in this case the slats are closer together. We also offer the Pebbles and Accordion styles which help to make a design statement in any building.

Does the type of grille have an impact on the output?
Yes, the output will be effected by the type of grille you choose. This is due to free airflow through the space between the slats.

Can fan units be incorporated in the trench to gain greater output?
We can offer Mini Dynamic Canal trench heating that has 12volt fans fitted. The minimum trench width for fans to be fitted is 260mm.

Can Trench heaters be mounted in the wall?
This is an option we can offer. Please contact our office for further information.

Can fan assisted Trench heaters be mounted in the ceiling?

I wish to purchase the grille & frame only from your Trench heating product range. Is this possible and what is the depth of the frame?
Yes, you can purchase the grille & frame only. The depth of the frame is 31mm and the minimum width we can offer is 100mm.

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