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Valves FAQS

Valves FAQS


What is Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV)?
TRVs sense the air temperature around them and regulate the flow of water through the radiator to which they are fitted. They do not control the boiler. They are set at a level that gives the room temperature desired. These settings may have to be different in each room, and the TRVs are set to suit each room and then left to do their job. By providing this level of control energy is not being wasted, the user reduces heating costs and carbon emissions are also reduced as a result.

In order for the TRVs to function correctly they need a free flow of air to sense the temperature, so they must not be covered by curtains or blocked by furniture.

TRVs do not turn the boiler off when the whole house is warm. To do that a room thermostat is required.

What is lock shield valve?
The lockshield valve is used to balance the radiators in the system so that they all heat up at the same rate. The lockshield valve should be opened at increasing amounts the further the radiator is from the boiler.

What are the benefits of thermostats?
If you have manually operated radiator valves in your home, you can save energy by replacing them with modern radiator thermostat. Energy savings are dependent on the quality of your home insulation.

By installing Thermostatic Radiator Valves you will achieve efficient and reliable heating comfort in your home, with low investment and short payback time. This is easy, economical and energy saving solution, however energy savings are dependent on the quality of your home insulation.