Ventilation FAQs

Ventilation FAQs

1. May windows be opened when a ventilation system is used?
You can open your windows at any time – to greet your neighbours, to call your children or to listen to the twitter of the birds. But you do not have to open a window for ventilation. Your comfort ventilation system solves this tasks in a much more effective manner. It ensures fresh air and optimal air quality without your involvement, with any weather, in any season and at any time of day and night. And it saves a lot of energy during the heating period and makes a valuable contribution to protecting the global climate.

2. Does the use of a ventilation system, increase energy consumption?
The ventilation system with heat recovery significantly reduces your energy consumption. The energy gain from the exhaust air is approx. 15-20 times higher than the energy consumption of the highly efficient DC ventilators in your ventilation system. This saves cash.

3. Can the air get too dry in winter when a ventilation system is used?
In winter, the relative humidity of the air decreases when cold air from the outside is moved indoors and is heated to room temperature. People feel that this air is dry. This applies to any type of ventilation, also to window ventilation. Zehnder comfort ventilation systems provide the option of installing an enthalpy heat exchanger . It recycles the heat and humidity from the exhaust air. This provides a simple solution for the “dry air” problem.

4. Do I hear noises from the neighbouring room when I use a ventilation system?
Zehnder air distribution systems are designed to ensure that there is no direct connection between rooms. All air pipes are directly routed from the air distribution element to the room. Sound is therefore not transmitted.

5. How can dirt deposits in the ventilation pipes be prevented?
Dirt particles in the external air are already removed by the filter in the ventilation system. The specially smooth internal surface of the air pipes also prevents dirt deposits. The distribution system is designed to ensure that the air pipes can be cleaned easily and without problems

6. Do the air outlets fit into my personal design environment?
The air outlets are covered with design cover-grids. Zehnder offers various design versions, e.g. in stainless steel or white paint, that can be integrated into your room design.

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