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Fan Assisted

Fan assisted trench for heating, cooling and ventilation. Bespoke or standard solutions available in various depths and grill finishes using 12v to 230v technology complete with propriety controls or suitable to work with BMS (building management system). Suitable for low flow temperature and heat pumps.

Deep trench for a high, powerful controlled output. Ideal for use in churches or older buildings with a void under the floor. Powerful enough to be the primary source of heating.
Heating, cooling & ventilation from one modest sized trench all in one. Silent and unobtrusive, providing a comfortable indoor climate.
The shallowest trench heater available from Jaga, only 60mm deep and 130mm wide. The small powerful dynamic trench with super silent fans. Capable of giving over 1kw a meter.
The ultimate dynamic trench heater for use with heat pump and low flow temperatures. Available in a large range of grill finishes and sizes.
Despite its compact dimensions, the Quatro Canal is a powerful main heating system, cooling unit and ventilation system, all in one. Quatro Canal provides the highest possible climate comfort quietly powerfully, and unobtrusively.