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Versatile are Ireland’s leading radiators & heating supplier

Versatile design and supply radiators, trench heating, radiant panels, overdoor air curtains, heat recovery, and valves. Our revolutionary designs offer the best in energy efficient heating and cooling for complete indoor climate control.

Versatile has taken the traditional concept of heating and given it form. This is achieved by applying its own extensive knowledge and experience to the product portfolios of cutting-edge, innovative, brand leaders like Korado, Jaga, Quartz and Zehnder.

Heating solutions are custom-designed to facilitate each application. Where visible, the heat emitters contribute to the aesthetics of the setting; however, they can also be unobtrusive to the point of being invisible.

Driving the evolution of indoor climate control 

As the demand for energy-conscious products, and radiators in particular, has increased over the years, Versatile has been at the forefront of pioneering new product types and technology. Along with its partners, Versatile is constantly introducing innovative heating solutions that set industry benchmarks.

Versatile has gone from supplying standard domestic and steel panel radiators to offering:

  • Radiant heating
  • Radiators that work with heat pumps
  • Convectors with built-in low h20 technology for energy savings
  • Specialist trench systems for heating and cooling
  • Designer towel radiators
  • Fancoils
  • Overdoor air curtains
  • Heat recovery

Heating solutions for many of Ireland’s and the UK’s major commercial projects

Today Versatile continues to play a pivotal role in completing the evolutionary circle that introduces cutting-edge heating technology to indoor climate control. For over 32 years, we have supplied the most exclusive brands in heating and cooling, design to mechanical contractors, plumbers, builders, designers and architects.

We supply heating solutions to most hospitals, nursing homes, residential care, schools and commercial projects. Some of the major projects include Microsoft, Google, The Titanic Quarter, Knock Basilica, Queens University….
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